About us

Over the past 25 years Future Plants introduced perennial plants and managed royalty fees for breeders. It became our specialism. We have successfully introduced a large number of varieties to the market. Who could ever imagine the success of Astrantia major ‘Roma’, Silene 'Rolly’s Favorite', the beautyfull Echinecea ‘Green Jewel’ and Actaea ‘Queen of Sheba’.

Future Plants will provide and monitor contacts with the right authorities and will look after a professional procedure in obtaining plant variety rights. As being an authorised representative of the breeder or owner, Future Plants is authorised to issue sublicenses to growers.


Almost 25 years after the establishment, Gerrit and Hein Lommerse took over Future Plants in 2017. Booth spent their youth working in the agricultural sector. After finishing their studies they found a job in the financial sector. Today they guarantee continuity of a leading company, Future Plants.

Plants that we currently have in our showgarden