Stage III tissue-culture

A selection of our license holders make tissue-cultures for a variety of Future Plants items as listed below.

It is possible to order stage III plant material when you are a non-license holder. You will then have to pay a royalty amount to license holder for every tissue-culture you purchase. When you are a license holder you can order the tissue-cultures and pay the royalties to us on the plants you have been able to resell.

PLANTVARIETY (all varieties listed below are owned by Future Plants) 

Actea rac. 'Queen of Sheba' ®
Aconitum 'Pink Sensation'®
Agastache 'Red Fortune' ®
Alcea 'Parkallee' ®
Alcea 'Parkfrieden' ®
Alcea 'Parkrondell' ®
Aster 'Blue Autumn'®
Astilbe hybride 'Lollypop' ®
Astilbe chinensis 'Vision in Pink' ®
Astilbe chinensis 'Vision in Red' ®
Astilbe chinensis 'Vision in White' ®
Astilbe chinensis 'Little Vision in Pink' ®
Astilbe chinensis 'Little Vision in Purple' ®
Astilbe 'Vision Inferno' ®
Astilbe chinensis 'Spotlight' ®
Astrantia major 'Capri' ®
Astrantia major 'Pisa' ®
Astrantia major 'Roma' ®
Astrantia major 'Snow Star' ®
Astrantia major 'Florence' ®
Astrantia major 'Venice' ®
Campanula glomerata 'Chantal' ®
Campanula glomerata 'Chio Blanco' ®
Campanula glomerata 'Chio Lila' ®
Campanula glomerata 'Chio Merano' ®
Campanula glomerata 'Chio Rosso' ®
Campanula glomerata 'Emerald' ®
Campanula persifolia 'La Belle Blue'
Campanula persifolia 'La Bello' ®
Campanula persifolia 'La Bonne Amie'
Centauria Cara Mia
Clematis cartmaniana 'White Abundance' ®
Clematis cartmaniana 'Avalanche' ®
Crocosmia 'Jackanapes'
Delphinium belladona 'Westend Blue' ®
Dodecatheon hybride. 'Aphrodite' ®
Echinacea purpurea 'Fatal Attraction' ®
Echinacea purpurea 'Green Jewel' ®
Echinacea purpurea 'Jade' ®
Echinacea purpurea 'Vintage Wine' ®
Echinacea purpurea 'Virgin' ®
Echinacea 'Profusion'
Epimedium 'Amber Queen' ®
Epimedium 'Artic Wings' ®
Epimedium 'Fire Dragon' ®
Epimedium 'Flowers of Sulpher' ®
Epimedium 'Mandarin Star' ®
Epimedium 'Pink Elf' ®
Epimedium 'White Hart' ™
Eupathorium hybride 'Phantom' ®
Eupathorium hybride 'Baby Joe' ®
Eupathorium hybride 'Snowball' ®
Geranium cinereum 'Sateene' ®
Geranium cinereum 'Lizabeth'
Geranium cinereum 'Alice' ®
Geranium cinereum 'Carol' ®
Geranium cinereum 'Memories' ®
Geranium cinereum 'Penny Lane' ®
Geranium cinereum 'Thumbling Heart' ®
Geranium cinereum 'Melody' ®
Geranium cinereum 'Sophie' ®
Geranium cinereum 'Purple Pillow' ™
Geranium phaeum 'Springtime' ®
Geum hybride 'Flames of Passion' ®
Geum hybride 'Mai Tai' ®
Geum hybr. 'Tales of Hex'
Heuchera 'Hercules' ®
Hibiscus 'Fantasia' ®
Hibiscus 'Fireball' ®
Hibiscus 'Kui Nuku' ®
Hibiscus 'Kopper King' ®
Hibiscus 'Little Prince' ®
Hibiscus 'Old Yella' ®
Hibiscus 'Plum Crazy' ®
Hibiscus 'Cranberry Crush' ®
Hibiscus 'Jazzberry Jam' ®
Hibiscus 'Satellite' ®
Hibiscus 'Small Wonders' ®
Hibiscus 'Summer Storm' ®
Hibiscus 'Robert Flemming' ®
Hibiscus 'Royal Gem' ®
Iris 'Cote D'Azure'
Kniphofia hybr. 'First Sunrise' ®
Lavatera 'Barnsley Baby' ™
Lavatera 'Sweet Dream' ®
Lavatera 'White Satin' ®
Ligularia hybride 'Little Rockett' ®
Ligularia 'Bottle Rockett' ® (EU only)
Malva 'Freedom'
Malva 'Poetry' ®
Mellittis mell. 'Royal Velvid Distinction' ®
Monarda hybride 'Fireball' ®
Monarda hybride 'Pink Lace' ®
Monarda hybride 'Pink Supreme' ®
Monarda hybride 'Cranberry Lace' ®
Monarda 'Purple Lace' ®
Monarda 'Sugar Lace' ®
Monarda 'Juliette' ®
Papaver orientalis 'Baby Kiss'
Papaver orientalis 'Fancy Feather' ®
Papaver orientalis 'King Kong' ®
Papaver orientalis 'Little Candy Floss' ®
Papaver orientalis 'Miss Piggy' ®
Papaver orientalis 'Papillion' ®
Papaver orientalis 'Pink Pearl' ®
Papaver orientalis 'Pink Ruffles' ®
Papaver orientalis 'Ruffled Patty' ®
Papaver orientalis 'Scarlett O Hara' ®
Papaver orientalis 'White Ruffles' ®
Persicaria ampl. 'Fat Domino' ®
Persicaria ampl. 'Orange Field' ®
Persicaria ampl. 'Blackfield' ®
Perovskia atripl. 'Little Spire' ®
Pholmis 'Prima Donna' ®
Phlox pan. 'Delilah' ®
Phlox pan. 'Lizzy' ®
Phlox pan. 'Rowie'
Phygelius recta 'Lemon Teardrops' ®
Phygelius recta 'Passionate' ®
Polemonium 'Heaven Scent' ®
Rudbeckia occ. 'Black Beauty' ®
Rudbeckia x 'American Gold Rush' ®
Salvia pratense 'Eveline' ®
Salvia pratense 'Pink Delight' ®
Salvia pratense 'Rhapsody in Blue' ®
Salvia 'Royal Crimson Distinction' ®
Salvia 'Madeline' ®
Salvia vert. 'Endless Love' ®
Scabiosa 'Champanelle' ®
Schizachyrium scop. 'Ha Ha Tonka' ®
Sedum hybride 'Sunkissed' ®
Sedum hybride 'Bronco' ®
Sedum hybride 'Novem' ®
Sedum hybride 'Piccolette' ®
Sedum hybride 'Xenox' ®
Sedum hybride 'Coral Reef' ®
Sedum hybride 'Rainbow Xenox' ®
Sedum hybride 'Yellow Xenox' ®
Sedum hybride 'Orange Xenox' ®
Sedum hybride 'Twinkle Star' ®
Sedum hybride 'Moonlight Serenade' ®
Sidalcea hybride 'Little Princess' ®
Silene L. 'Rollies Favorite' ®
Tiarella 'Timbuktu'
Verbascum 'Buttercup' ®
Verbascum 'Apricote Pixie' ®
Verbascum 'Blue Pixie' ®
Verbascum 'Pink Pixie' ®
Verbascum 'White Pixie' ®
Veronicia 'CanCan' ®
Veronica longifolia 'Eveline' ®
Veronica longifolia 'Pink Eveline' ®
Veronicastrum virginicum 'Challenger' ®


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