Sedum Telephium 'Yellow Xenox'

Plant Patent USA
PP # 21528
Plant Patent EU
EU 30426
Plant Patent CAN
CPBR 4615
Height Foliage
20 cm
Height Flower
25 cm
Area of Spread
19 cm
Color Foliage
Sturdy small leaved, dusky blue green foilage has rosy tips deepening to burgundybetween 147A and N 189A, strongly tinged with close to N186C venation, close to N186C
Color Flower
it's starting light Yellow and when it matures it gets more oker in it. Close to 145D towards the apex, close to 146A to 146B
Flowering Period
Aug- late October in the Netherlands
Continuous Blooming
well drained compost
Sun or partial shade
Added value
Attractive light yellow green- colored flowers
USDA Zone 5
Pot Culture
In a 1.5 to 2 ltr pot in a well drained compost