Plant breeding rights

Why legal protection of your plant is best off with Future Plants:

- Legal protection and proceedings worldwide for account of Future Plants with full transparency;
- Professional and protected photographic material for account of Future Plants;
- Prices and royalties can be determined in consultation with Future Plants.

Even more important then the above, Future Plants has proven itself to be a solid partner for over 20 years. By doing so, Future Plants has developed itself into a strong and well known brand to be used in marketing and supporting sales world wide.

Future Plants network

Future Plants has the disposal of a worldwide network of plant distributors (e.g. Mail Order), resulting in boundless selling possibilities supporting the royalty income. In case the plant's flower is suitable for floriculture, Future Plants disposes of a network for worldwide flower trade.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Plants that we currently have in our showgarden